Marble FAQ

Marble is a very soft chalk like calcium based stone. Marble like marble is an aesthetic material that is susceptible to heat, scratch, impact, and is reactive with acids.
Marble is a chemically active calcium (Lime) based formation. Marble is typically 'soft'. This makes marble susceptible to heat, scratch and impact. Marble reacts readily with all acids.
MBK Granite does not recommend the use of marble as a working surface; this includes flooring done in tile form.


Q: Is my marble susceptible to impact or heat?
A: Marble is very susceptible to both impact and heat and should therefore be treated as an aesthetic or low traffic piece.

Q: Will oils or wines stain my marble? If so, can they be removed?
A: MBK Granite uses the StoneTech Pro solvent based impregnator to protect your marble surface from stains. This 'sealer' completes the surface of the stone, rendering it impervious to such staining. If you see the surface start to absorb water again after time, please do not hesitate to contact us for a new application of the sealer. If your marble does end up with a stain we can very likely remove it. Regular maintenance with StoneTech Revitalizer will extend the sealers protective life

Finishing The Surface

The surface of marble can be altered in many ways. Finishes other than a polish may be treated with enhancers to show the beauty of the stone through an altered texture.
Polish: A 2000 grit surface polish, reflective. Very smooth glass-like finish. (Typical)
Honed: A 400 grit finish, non reflective. Smooth surface, beautiful finish when enhanced.
Acid: This finish gives a weathered look to marble.
Blasted: Rough textured and non reflective.


Marble should only be cleaned with a stone-care product or soap and water. At MBK Granite we recommend the use of StoneTech Revitalizer; this stone cleaner will not only keep your stone looking beautiful, but will also extend the sealers protective life. Any abrasive cleaners may scratch or eventually dull your marble over time. The consideration here is that only silicates, (such as sand and other granites), and diamonds can damage the polish of your marble. Chemically active and acidic cleaners will burn the polish from a marble surface.